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Some of you guys may be just working on your Horse Stable, or you maybe expanding it. The Horse Stable requires more items to expand it by far than ANY other item Farmville has had. In total if you have your barn fully expanded, it means that you would have had to have collected 250 items! Along with this, every farmer has different things that they can gift! For that reason, I have put together this handy gifting links page! Here you can click through the links I have provided, and gift ANY of the items to your neighbors! Be sure and share this with your friends so that they can gift you exactly what you are needing!


  1. it’s hard to get all you need you get to many of one & not enough of others

  2. can’t always get what you need

  3. it took me weeks to get most of the items i needed for my stable. i even bought the last 2 items so i could get it done with. i know sooner did this and POOF,ADIOUS, SEE YA, it was gone never to be heard of again. who can u complain to? How do you get this stuff back? and now to start it all over again when this wedding is going on. i’m begining to think it will never get done. Not to mention the seeder and harvester that i had to buy twice because it disappeared. When fv is thinking of what next to add to their items to buy they should think of a police station because there is a lot of theft in fv these days.

  4. @ Connie o’ neill… I can’t even get my Wedding Tent. It’s not an option for me I guess. :[

  5. The constant freezing up of my computer and having to refresh the pages is very annoying! Almost as annoying are the constant pop-ups for publishing. Why can’t Zynga find a way to publish once after each project or farm job. I believe they have too many games on one application and too many people playing them and their web is jammed up constantly with too much traffic. All my Zynga games are doing the same thing, and I can’t even load Frontierville anymore. It freezes up my computer every time I try, so I’ve had to quit that game. Zynga ———HELP!!!!!!!



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