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I think all of us that play Farmville try and finish up all of the collections. There is good reason for that, we get coins, XP and FUEL!  One of each of the items in a collection is available by gifting, and lots of times I have had a problem where I have all of the items to complete one but don’t have the gift able one. The gifting page on Farmville currently doesn’t allow any one player access to gift more than one of the items. For that reason, I have created this little sheet so that if you need something, you can send your neighbors here, and they can gift any of the gift able collectibles! Book mark this page, and make sure you share it with your friends so you have it handy!

UPDATE: Checkered Button Link (waiting on graphic) –


  1. Where are the checked butttons? NO ONE has checked buttons.

  2. catching a red feather is giving me “never” a red feather… catching a cooper butterfly is giving me an empirior butterfly…. and so on

  3. The checkered buttons must be returning. I got two of them in the last two weeks when plowing…



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