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Several people have wondered how they are able to get a hold of FVFan, and it is pretty simple. You can send an email to or Whether you have a question for us, press inquiry or some hot tips to send, we love hearing from you guys! Also, if you have an amazing farm that you want us to see, send that over as well! We love checking out our visitors awesome farms!


  1. I just what to say thank you for all the time and $ you put into this site you make playing easier and a lot more fun …..Iam sorry i cant donate , i was injured at work and i cant work …..but if any thing changes i will send you something to help out.:0)

  2. how do i get my stable expansion back that disapeared after i finally got everything?
    and you might want to add a police station to your buildings, with all the theft in fv you need one

  3. just like to let you know tha the glitch on the nursery is still not can buy a 3nd one..because im working on my 3rd one ….lol

  4. How can I change my choice of Craft Cottages. Most of my friends have the same one and I don’t want to do it now. I signed up for the Bakery and want to change to the spa.
    Thank you Kendall

  5. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!!! For selling 7-11 codes online! We do not have them here and I was So Bummed that I would not be able to get a Neo. cow! Of course now I’m waiting & crossing my fingers that you will get more in!!

  6. On Farmville my dog is hungry but it won’t let me feed him. HELP!!!!!

  7. I accidentally hid the feeds from Frontierville, and now I can’t get it back. I clicked on Top News, scrolled down to Edit Options, and then only things that show are Pages and Applications. There are no feeds appearing (and I have hidden several!) How do I get the feeds back? I missing a lot of the game by not getting them.

  8. all this does is freeze up my page and then I have to restart it over each time please remove tysm

  9. ville farm administrators knew that yesterday put on sale the black stallion
    for 40,000 coins I wonder if you sell me two for 200,000 coins since I have 21 race horses

  10. I have a probleme ,i don’t see any feeds from myself and my frontierville neighbors on my start page . So i can not take any bonusses off other thinks. I don’t now what i deed wrong. Can you help me

  11. This game is getting harder with the energy and how you get it hard to get anywhere. I have planted over thirty clover and have not got a clover to get married

  12. I want to Thank you for this web site and for all of the work you are putting into it. It is really a great site and I enjoy it very much.

    I have a question….is Zynga ever going to add any more FarmVille expansions and are they going to allow more Tanks in FishVille?

    Get up the great work…….we need you.
    Bonnie Geise
    PS I lived in Dallas most of my life…now in NJ….but I’d rather be in Dallas…loved it there.

  13. Looked everywhere and can not find answer to this question: When using the recycle tool in FV how can I delete one plot of land and not have everything sold or disappear??? I think the boxes with choices are poorly designed. i looked at your screen shots and still do not see what to click to delete one plot.

  14. Hi Kendall, kudos to this new site, i became a member 2 days ago (launchdate). When i registered there was a referrer box, i put Kathy Yockey coz she was the reason i found out abt FVFan, but it only say can’t find that id, now i know her id is smurfet….. I am writing to you so you can pls credit her for that, she’s a very nice and generous neighbor and she needs to be commended w/ all her efforts. Thanks so much, all infos here all reliable, more power and more members to join this site : )

  15. look, if yall dont fix this today, im gonna stop playin this crap. this is a bunch of mess. ive been working on my dang nursery barn for like weeks. it says i have 48/50 boards. i get one and put it in there and it says 49/50. and then i go get another one and go to put it in there and it says 48/50. and im like WHAT?! its done this 4 times. i have lost 6 boards now because of this! i even bought boards and built it and it wouldnt let me put animals in it so i went off and went back on it and it said 48/50 again! this is a bunch of bull crap!!!

  16. i thought the wedding stuff was gonna be over on the 29 of june did they keep it for longer now ty please let me know before i sell it stuff ty even thought they dont give you nothing for it

  17. my stuff keeps going away. and the stuff that people post most of it dont show up on my thing!. im fixing to quit playing this dangg game. and plus, the comments and stuff at the bottom of the screen when you go to your farm is ridiculous. most of the stuff on there is from like 2 weeks ago. what in the world is the use of that. it makes my computer like 9 times slower!!!!! this stuff needs to be fixed. oh and my nursery barn, ill put my mouse on it and it says 50/50 and then i look inside it and it says i have 10/10 of everything except the wooden boards. and it says 11/10. that is just STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I was gifted a little piglet,it was put into my gifts when I put it onto my pig farm it disappeared.I would like to have it back thank you.

  19. I just harvested some pollinated seed that I was able to post on the feeds and no one, including me knows what they are all about. Can you give any insight on this? Thanks.

  20. I am really upset that you would sell 7-Eleven codes. I am announcing this on my feed and asking all my friends to drop you organization. How really really greedy!! Take me off your list.

  21. Hi I have never gotten a winery, are bakery…no where to buy one and was wondering how to get it…Can you help
    Emeline Johnson

  22. I accidently blocked my farmville. I love that game. Is there anyway it can be unblocked? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  23. hi!
    I want now when we can get any Stallion, in marquet, mystery game or box??? i just have one white stallion and i really wish to buy another’S Stallions black, white or another color…. plzzz
    marie xxx
    (psst… excuse my english…)

  24. I never got a haunted house. How do I get one?

  25. any IDEA when we will get the candy basket?? i need my gift box back!! :) thanks

  26. I had 47 gold eggs in my gifts. Due to collecting candy I could not open my eggs. Today when I went into my gifts I have only 22 gold eggs. Has anyone else run into this problem and does anyone know what I can do to fix this.

  27. I did’nt recieve a halloween bucket in my gifts like everyone else

  28. i need the goat barn badly HELP please.

  29. Why do I keep getting vehicle parts in Special Delivery Boxes when all my vehicles are upgraded to the maximum? I need Bees.

  30. So my ? is I have search through out Zynga and can not find an answer so maybe you know.
    Some one asked me the other day how many candy cane hens I have (which I might add for over a month and not gotten one egg! nor have I seen any posted) anyway I went in to look and discover the super chick I bought is GONE! Is this an issue you have heard? Was it a short term super chicken or what help me please find my super chicken and I guess that is why I never get my special eggs! Thank you for your time and your Page!



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