UNRELEASED Pink Elephant

<PLEASE SHARE! The Elephant has always been one of my favorite animals in Farmville, and this pink one is one I will be collecting for sure. The color really looks good on it. What do you think of this Pink Heart Valentine Elephant?

Pink Elephant


Unreleased Pink Heart Pony &Foal

<-Please Share! Looks like we have some more Valentines Day items coming soon! Check out this new Pink Heart Pony and foal! What do you think of these guys?

Pony Foal


New Years Rabbit and Red Pagoda

If you didn’t get a Ney Year Rabbit or Red Pagoda the first two times they were released into the market, You still *might* have a chance to get them for coins. (keyword: Might)

A slightly unofficial response from one of the Zynga community managers:

Community Manager

This is not a definitive word, but I think y’all will be able to keep your Red Pagodas and New Year Rabbits. You may be seeing the rabbit back in the Market in the near future at the same price (250k is about right, versus everything else); the Pagoda… well… that may be awhile. We didn’t want it out there, and definitely not at 40k coins… so we may wait some time on that before we figure out what to do with it.

Again, that’s all preliminary.

Source: http://forums.zynga.com/showpost.php?p=8174584&postcount=93

So, Did you get these items? And will you be upset if they remove these items from your farm when they let players keep the Black Stallions and Fox Kits released in the market for coins?

Red Pagoda and New Years Rabbit

Red Pagoda and New Years Rabbit


GIANT Candy Heart Trees!!!

<-Please Share – Farmville let the cat out of the bag and released GIANT Candy Heart Trees into the random seedlings you can grow from collecting off the feed when a neighbor posts seedlings!!!

GIANT Candy Heart
Giant Candy Heart Tree Feed

Giant Candy Heart Tree Feed

Have you grown a Giant Candy Heart tree?




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