Farmville Orchards to Produce Water!

<-PLEASE SHARE – In a rather odd set of news, farmville is working on a new feature that will allow orchards to produce water when harvesting!

Farmville Water Can

Farmville Water Can

Coming soon  to farmville, when you harvest your orchards, if you don’t produce a seedling, you will get water! And Coins!

Farmville Orchards Might Produce Water!

Farmville Orchards Might Produce Water!

Community Manager
Howdy! We do see there’s going to be a bit of a water shortage but it’s going to be short-lived. Coming next week we’ll be adding the ability to harvest Watering Cans out of your Orchards. We’re still tinkering with the exact number you’ll get from each, but essentially if you’re harvesting an Orchard and you don’t get a Mystery Seedling, you’ll get some water instead (as well as the coins from normal harvesting).


[edit]It seems the the news is official and this function will release sometime next week[/edit]

What do you think of this possible option?


Farmville Unreleased Hybrid Crops!

<-PLEASE SHARE! – As part of the pre-release greenhouse and hybrid seeds soon to be installed in farmville, Zynga has added some new UNRELEASED Crops and Mastery Signs that we were able to find! Take a look at some of the crops we *MIGHT* be making soon on out farms and in our greenhouses!

Purple Tomatoes

Bushel Crop Mastery Market

Fire Peppers

Bushel Crop Mastery

Long Onions

Bushel Crop Mastery Market

Red Spinach

Bushel Crop Mastery Market


Bushel Crop Mastery Market

Poppy Sunflowers

Bushel Crop Mastery Market

Whiskey Pete

Bushel Crop Mastery Market

Pink Daffodils


Pink Candycorn

Crop Mastery


Bushels Crop Mastery Market

Rice Meal

Bushel Crop Mastery Market

What crops will you make first?


Unreleased Pink Swan

<PLEASE SHARE! One more animal, that I just almost missed is the Pink Swan! This little guy (or girl) is a really bright color of pink. What do you think of it? Will you be trying for one of these?

Pink Swan


Several UNRELEASED Decorations

<Please Share! In addition to some animals, and LOTS of crops, I did find some unreleased decorations for Valentines Day! Check them out below and let us know what you think. Will you be looking forward to seeing these soon?




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