Farmville Cash Giveaway!!

<PLEASE SHARE! Alright guys, it is that time again, time to giveaway some Farmville Cash! I am doing this giveaway in order to gain more fans to our fan page, so please take part and help us grow! I would like to double our fan count in the next few weeks. I can’t do this without you guys, so please help me!

First, you can enter in 3 easy steps!

  1. Share this post with your friends.
  2. Visit our Fan page HERE and click “Suggest to Friends” and invite all of your Facebook friends. I have gotten to know MANY of you guys personally so feel free to put in a note that you like the page etc so it doesn’t appear as spam :)
  3. Comment on this blog post that you entered. Please put your CORRECT email address that corresponds with your Facebook Account so that I am able to contact you in the event that you win.

Prizes will be given out at the following Fan Count Milestones:

  1. 30,000 fansWon by Tristan! Congrats!!
  2. 40,000 fans
  3. 50,000 fans



  2. done.. shared with friends lets see

  3. I sent invitations to friends. I love this site. It always has good information.

  4. I entered!! :) I love Farmville!!

  5. Done deal Kendall. Nice to see the page grow every time i log on.

  6. Hopefully some of my friends join

  7. i posted it on my wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i invited friends because i think this is a good site

  9. Posted on my wall for all friends!!!!!!!!! )))))))))))

  10. I suggested to my friends. Hope I win. Farmcash is always needed!

  11. I entered, plz i want to win it

  12. shared again and again and again lol

  13. Count me in! And thank you!


  15. Not sure how you tell but I shared it, and sent 650 + invites :)

  16. ok ive sent invites and shared page, so good luck to us all

  17. I love the infor but, everytime i send these things out i never get what is promised… ill try it again but if this is crap i wont be doing it again.
    Do any of u really get anything ever??

  18. Yeah, good luck to us

  19. Invites sent to all!!!!

  20. Have been a fan since I first joined facebook so of course I entered!

  21. invitations sent, and I do get good info from your page. This is the only page I have suggested to friends because I trust it

  22. shared lets hope i win

  23. sent to all my farmville friends…..need to win : )

  24. ya buddy! i’m in! :)

  25. Invitations sent. Thanks for the chance :)

  26. Lots of invites sent. Thanks so much for your page. I use it a lot to get info about FV.

  27. Looks good, hoping to win something ;)

  28. Sent to all my freinds

  29. Sent, Thanks for the great site!

  30. Sent to friends, thanks for the great site!

  31. I sent out the invites…. so count me in on the cash giveaway… thanks.

  32. invitations sent.. great page and great information. Thanks

  33. Done! That was alot of clicks but i told EVERYONE I play FV with.

  34. i sent the requests

  35. Request were sent out at around 6:34pm today.

  36. I have always shared this site with my friends when i visit it incase they forget to come back to it. Its a gr8 site :)

  37. Shared on facebook and sent invites to all my friends

  38. i suggestedto all those who have just starte playing!



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