Crafting Cottages Still Rolling Out

<PLEASE SHARE Just wanted to take a minute to let you guys know that the crafting cottages are still being rolled out by Zynga to everyone. This has been a hot topic lately with lots of users reporting that they do not have theirs yet. The official response from Zynga was today and it stated that they would be available in the very NEAR future. How many of you guys are still waiting on yours?


  1. I have not Crafting Cottages whay i will plz send me antwort

  2. I still don’t have my spa I think it should go from those at higher levels to lower not randomly

  3. I’m still waiting on mine yet :(

  4. until today I did not got a crafting cottage on my farm ! :)

  5. i still don’t have mine !!!

  6. I still don’t have my spa I think it should go from those at higher levels to lower not randomly those of us have worked hard to get to the levels we are at thanks for listening

  7. i still dont have mine yet but would like to have!! :)

  8. I am still waiting well a number of friends have theirs already leveled up a couple times . They should start doing things so they are fair for all players . Like the Mustang did nt get one of those and many of my friends were able to get more then one . Just like the pregnant pig did nt get that either .

  9. no crafting cottage for me so far !!!!!

  10. i still need mine ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. I still do not have mine, nor do friends of mine either

  12. didnt get wine cottage yet or preg pig

  13. I´m still waiting. FV has too many new things, and it is almost impossible to play! slow down a little. We love the game, but there is no rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Still Waiting on the Crafting Building’s – I was wondering HOW MUCH LONGER!!! I truly thought by now I would have at least one of them!

  15. I still dont have my cottage to craft and sure would like to have one. Also i have a lot of friends on my friend list in farmville and it only lets me fertilize maybe 7 of them. Can you please tell me if this is suspose to be like this or can you please fix so i can fertilize all my friends crops?. PLEASE/.

  16. dont have any crafting buildingds

  17. still waiting for my spa…….

  18. I am still waiting for mine.

  19. didnt get my bakery one yet nor did i have a pregnent pig some folks have like 5 i think i am finished spending money on this game it gets me no where even less that someone who has never bought FVs why bother

  20. I don’t have a crafter’s cottage yet.

    Thank you.

  21. i’m still waiting on mine..Please help..thank you..

  22. I don’t have a crafting cottage yet.

  23. I got MINE on My Farm but Missing 3 on other Farms I do ! 1 is a NewOne – and didn’t get to sign up for ANY thing – so Missing them for ( Kevin Quast ) and also for (Lancelot Grayson ) .

  24. still didn’t have it yet ! it is crazy..all new stuff they would give to some players who’s ones on blue moon playing to make them play ! but what about us ??? the people who’s every day here , i’m sick of you Zynga ! why dont you try to please people whos playing all the time ??? im about to quit , cant do the progress on game by deleting all gifts what comming if i dont even have it yet !

  25. I still do not have my cottage grrrrrrr

  26. im still waiting for mine to and i didnt get the organic berries aswell

  27. Still do not have mine.

  28. Still can not do crafting cottages? Just wanted to make sure that they were on the way for the rest of us!

  29. I don’t have my winery building

  30. I would like to start my business

  31. I am still waiting on mine.

  32. I don’t have mine yet…


  34. waiting on my crafting cottage–ty

  35. Still waiting for my cottage also.. Thank you so much

  36. I do not have my crafting cottage yet & i am anxiously waiting for it plesae hurry,thanks

  37. I’m still waiting!!

  38. I’m Still Waiting For Mine :( My Spa Nome Is Getting Sun Burned Out In The Sun :(

  39. I don’t have mine yet:(

  40. I´m still waiting for my bakery

  41. I’ve had my winery nome for the longest…but still no building…I’m falling behind like so many others without buildings.

  42. I don’t have mine either and I am at level 85

  43. Still waiting on mine

  44. Help I need my crafting cottage..NOTHING NOW FOR WEEKS

  45. Still waiting on mine. I just achieved level 80. Every one of my friends who has one is below level 50. So glad I’ve been rewarded for my loyalty. Yes, I’m feeling nothing but sour grapes right now. However, I have had several issues with Zynga lately so I was already unhappy with them before they started releasing the crafting cottages.




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