Crafting Cottages Still Rolling Out

<PLEASE SHARE Just wanted to take a minute to let you guys know that the crafting cottages are still being rolled out by Zynga to everyone. This has been a hot topic lately with lots of users reporting that they do not have theirs yet. The official response from Zynga was today and it stated that they would be available in the very NEAR future. How many of you guys are still waiting on yours?


  1. Zynga where is my Crafting Cottage? I’ve had the winery nome for atleast 2 months if not more and still no Crafting Cottage…and someone said if you don’t have the land cleared to put it on when the pop-up comes you might lost it. This is all you have to do…click on the arrow in the lower right corner of your farm page where the co-op icon is, and the Crafting Cottage will go right in to your gift box…that’s what I did.

  2. have not gotten a cottage yet and would like one

  3. still waiting…………..and i don’t have in the market organic blueberries,

  4. I still do not have mine :(

  5. Still waiting…. ….. (or should it be the Twilight Zone)

  6. Still waiting…

  7. want one…trying to find out how to get one 2…tyvm

  8. How can I get my spa back because it did not gave me a chance to clear my land and it is big so I lost it. will you please give it back to me so i can place it now in my farm. thank you.

  9. I actually got one of the crafting cottages…but clicked on the wrong one…..meant to hit bakery, and actually hit spa…..deleted that…and don’t know how to get to bakery now…Any help?

  10. the crafting cottages popped up twice. two times my farm froze and I couldn’t claim it. will I have another chance?



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