Bees are HERE!

<PLEASE SHARE Tonight in an unexpected Farmville update, Bees have arrived on the farm! I am still working on gathering some info on this, so I will be updating this post. The item is a build able item, and you have to build the hive. It requires 10 smokers, 10 beeswax, 10 bricks, 10 boards, and 10 nails! I will also be putting up a gifting link page shortly! Are you guys excited?

UPDATE 1: Some users are reporting bit technical issues with this new item. SEE BELOW

UPDATE 2: The Gifting Links for the Bee Hive is now live! You can get to it by clicking HERE

UPDATE 3: There was just a post on Farmville Forums about how to fix this issue. It has to do with your browser, all you need to do is exit Farmville, clear your browser Cache, then reload Farmville and it should work fine.

Comments and conversation: For comments or discussions on this new item, please use our forum and the thread for this, which you can find by CLICKING HERE



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