Zynga Allowing 2 Nursery Barns

<- PLEASE SHARE! As I mentioned about a week or 2 ago, there was a glitch where people could build more than one nursery barn. At that time, I said that it is Zynga so who knows when it will be fixed. Turns out they are working on the issue BUT have decided to let farmers have 2 nursery barns! If you haven’t started building your second one yet, now is the time! This means you can now raise even more baby animals into adults!

Information on building more than 2 from Zynga:

Please know that if you continue to take advantage of this glitch and choose to have more than two Nurseries on your farm, you are building at your own risk, as this issue will be addressed in the future. This fix may result in the loss of any Nursery Barns in excess of two.


  1. How dare they! When they have them for ‘sale’ in the Market Place. They just can’t delete it from the farms that have two……..Everyone gets a chance at buying one……….I think u’d better investigate into the farmville site a little more…..start out as a glitch? I don’t think so….what’s wrong with ‘expanding’ the nursery barns?
    They think people are going to have limited animals, and trees that earn them coins and XP? Kind of stupid thinking in my estimation.

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