Pictures from 7-Eleven Event Today!!

Hey guys, as some of you know, I went to the 7-Eleven / Zynga event today! They had some cool games there and the turn out was pretty good! Everyone seemed to have a great time and there was even a radio station there! I took some pictures to post as I know most of you guys aren’t near the cities that had these events! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

They had a couple of games to play, but the way it worked everyone that went could get an item from them, the Zynga staff was very friendly, and one of them even asked that I email him the pictures that I took! Also, when they found out about the site, they did a video interview with me, and one point asked me what I would like to see, I told them that overwhelmingly people request more land expansions in the game! The last picture is the cool stuff that I got from the event! It was really cool, and the turn out was great as you could see by the line in the first picture! Hope you guys enjoy these!


  1. wow im jealous what did they say about the land expansion comment

  2. I’d LOVE for ZYNGA to come to Charleston South Carolina,as long as it dont have to be at a 7-11 store cus we dont have them anymore!!! COM ON DOWN YA’LL!!!

  3. Woo hoo for mentioning land expansions!! Yay!



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