Wild Mustang Currently Disabled

If you have had a Wild Mustang show up on your farm, or were waiting on one, the wait is a little longer as Zynga has disabled this item. They had problems with the email function of the Wild Mustang, but hopefully it will return shortly. Here is their official statement.

Due to some unforeseen technical difficulties (bad URL in the Mustang email, pop-up for the Mustang not appearing but displaying the progress icon, etc.) the Mustang has been disabled for the time being. Once these errors are corrected, the Wild Mustang will be enabled once more. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will update you via this thread as soon as we have more information.


  1. What about the ones who had a mustang show up and was unable to do anything? Will we be getting another chance to get one?

  2. That’s not so nice, 5 people got my mail and they clicked on the help button and on the left side corner of my game the horse is there, but says…0 people have helped me…so there goes my wild mustang….or can you help me to keep him?????

  3. now i really cant get one when i ask neighbors the ones i ask to help said they didnt get any email from me now what i wanted a mustang help ples

  4. oui je l’ai eue cette image sur ma ferme et je n’es pas pue envoyer a 5 amis…j’espère qu’on me rendra ce mustang

  5. This helped me alot more than most posts I have seen today atleast now I know why the icon is there but will not allow me to send any friend help requests;)

    Hope it gets resolved soon..& thank you!!

  6. I have one of the Mustang pop up but none of my friends got my email to be able to help. Will I get another chance to get the mustang?

  7. Does this mean you will be removing the Mustang from our farm? I was just going to wait until the 3 days were up and buy and probably won’t get one at all now. I should imagine more testing of product necessary before release. Sort of like having to reboot 5 or 6 times while trying to plant! This is a sad mess and even more sad commentary on the quality of programming being done.

  8. Will I get a chance at the Mustang on my farm again none of my friends got there emails to be able to help

  9. what about the ones who have lost their mustang do to technical issues,like out of sync. i was never able to ask for help,but yet i have the icon on my farm.

  10. will i still have the mustang on my farmville page or do i have to wait for another to appear again?

  11. Wild Mustang showed up on my farm too bad it didn’t work. Sucks.

  12. helppppppppppppppppppppppp

  13. I had the Wild Mustang show up on my farm this morning ,, and it told me I had to to the email first. I have done it several times,, Then it told me to go wrangle a stallion but never gave me an option to send emails to 5 people.I am very disappointed with it. and with the mystery boxes. Have bought a lot expecting to get one white stallion and all I got was doubles of usless stuff. I have stopped buyiny the boxes

  14. the wild mustang showed up on my farm at the exact same time as Refresh your page so i was unable to ask the 5 neighbors required to wrangle the critter, will this problem also be fixed and will i be able to get a second chance at the wild mustang. also i cannot help as the copy/paste option is disabled in my e-mail and cannot get it to enactivate, how am i to help my neighbors that ask for assistance

  15. How about working on a REAL problem…I haven’t been able to join/start a co-op job in 3+ weeks!! My friends are now 4, 5 and more levels ahead of me!!! I am very upset about this…and I’ve sent a few notices about this. Can we count on help? There are others with the same problem.

  16. So does that mean that those of us who originally spotted the mustang, will have more time to get our five helpers, or will we have to start over and hope we spot another one? Just curious.

    Thanks in advance, for the answer!


  17. I was one of the lucky ones to get the mustang but the emails didn’t go out to my friends. We were all really looking forward to the Mustang so I’m hoping I’ll get an option to keep mine once the three days are up. The icon is still on my page but says 0/5 have helped. Please fix this soon. He is quite handsome :)

  18. I had no problem getting mine, i simply followed the instructions and i had my mustang….ty

  19. I choose to Buy Help for the Wild Mustang because every one was saying the email way did not work, I was charged 20 FV dollars and I got a message saying I could find the Mustang in my gift box. As soon as I placed the Mustang on the field a message came up saying I needed to refresh I clicked ok and when my farm was reloaded the Mustang was gone and so was my FV Dollars. Still haven’t seen either as of yet !!!

  20. i found 1 but i cant sent te emails to my friends!!:( now i is on the left site off my screen with 0/5 help but nobody can help me without e mail! can someone help me pleas

  21. I am wondering the exact same thing, I had one show up… But recieved a ton of lag and had a “Your computer is not connected to the server” message(something alonmg those lines) pop up… I’m guessing that had something to do with the issues… I don’t know if it emaild, posted, notified, or w.e…
    Any help?

  22. Lisa, contact FV, i’ve heard that they will refund your money if you buy stuff and it goes missing, sorry about your mustang not sure if they will do anything bout that. I had troubles with friends getting my email, so will have to wait and see what happens….

  23. same :\

  24. It said I had one this AM. Waited for the page to load. Nada. I’ve seen someone say they had a “Little Wild Mustang” at the top of their FV page. They clicked on it ….Nada…..My FV page…Nada. No wonder people feel it’s a scam. I’m saying HUH???? Wheres’s my WILD MUSTANG????

  25. I had one show up picked 15 people and none of them got my e-mail. The mustang at the top says no people have helped and I have 2 days left.

  26. I have invited new neighbors and everything just to get this mustang
    I really want one bad

  27. when the musteng it will ready please/??

  28. Same sorry as the majority… got the Mustang pop-up… sent 15 neighbors a request for help… they got nothing when they clicked on the link… so I’ve got 0/5 showing with 1 day left. Hoping FV will re-start the 3 day clock for those of us who’ve posted the Mustang already. If not, hope I’ll get lucky enough to get another pop-up once it’s fixed. Really wish FV would’ve posted something at the top of the farm page like they used to do when other problems have been encountered & were being resolved. Still luv playing FV though & will continue!!

  29. I’ve had a problem where people are not receiving my mails or those who have helped its not showing. please let me know what will happen.

  30. Hey Ronald and all others whose friends did get the email but still says 0 help even when they click on the link. Tell your friends to follow the steps given over here to get help for your Mustang. Note that this will work only if your friend/s receive the email. Even if one friend receives the email to help it is more than enough. Anyone of your friend can use the link once they can get the help link :)


  31. If you have the icon then I guess you will need to wait until its 3 days expire. If in that time it isn’t helped then you will be asked whether to buy with 20 farm cash or not.

  32. none of my friends got the e-mail. Will it be possible to buy him after 3 days ????

  33. Non of my friends got the e-mails i sent out so what happens there ?

  34. you can still get their help … they need to right click over the ‘help’ link and copy the link into their browser. They link actually comes up twice and they need to delete the first one up to the second ‘http://’, then at the very end there are two %% signs. they need to delete those, then hit ENTER and it’s all good

  35. well this will certainly help me i got the icon
    n nothing else
    she was invisible when she arrived at my farm
    so i couldnt ask for help
    i thought that was my only chance
    soooo glad that zinga is fixing this x~x

  36. I got a notice that I had a mustang appear on my Farm No one with the exception of 1 can access your invitation to HELP “Wrangle my Wild mustang!” The icon is on my farm but my Neighbors have gotten back with me & have unsuccessfully been able to click pick! Am I going to beable after you fix this problem re-activate my Mustang? I’m a horse Gal in reality I love Horses & I’d like to beable to re-activate mine!!!!

  37. Soy una jugadora adicta de farmville, porque se renueva progresivamente, ademas de k me ayuda a bajar los niveles de stress de la cotidianidad.

  38. when i click on it it dissapears and i wait but nothing pops up….:(

  39. Hi all. I got Wild Mustang Show up and asking help from 5 of my friends. Like everybody said, it didn,t work. But than I found some information that said : “there is a error on the URL link.” It can be fixed though. At least in my Mustang link, after I corrected it work. Last night I help 1 of my friend to fixed her link and it work too. Today I help 1 more friend. And untill now, I still have a Mustang in my farm, the Mustang that I help still in my farm. So…it didn’t disepear. I can try to help if someone still have the Mustang icon and it showed no help progress from friend that you asked for help. Or you can try ste step like in this link:

  40. I was one of the lucky ones to get the mustang but the emails didn’t go out to my friends. We were all really looking forward to the Mustang so I’m hoping I’ll get an option to keep mine once the three days are up. The icon is still on my page but says 0/5 have helped. Please fix this soon. He is quite handsome

  41. 5/31/2010 — When I click the mustang icon, it disappears and I wait but nothing pops up. I still have not received a mustang. I have e-mail, (which I and hardly anyone else likes,) to receive notifications. I am not spending money to get this!
    RE: 25 FV dollars for opening e-mail status for FV, Still haven’t gotten that either. The FV dollars I had, were reduced to 25. What gives? (or in this case,doesn’t give?)

  42. Well, as of today, my mustang is gone. I couldn’t resend the requests, so I couldn’t get five people. I sent my requests out just as I got an out of synch message…again. I received an offer to buy it…that’s not going to happen!

  43. have a wild mustang on my farm but it wont let me email any one

  44. ive been having problem getting wild mustang…i had it show up on my farm and i clicked 5 people and only 1 person got the email and the others never got an email. why are not all 5 people getting the email and i cant get my mustang? i cnat get it if the emails dont get sent…please help with this problem..

  45. Has there been any news about the mustang’s re-appearance?

  46. I was one of the lucky ones that got the Wild Mustang. When you hold the mouse over him it says, “Mustang”, will it change to “Wild Mustang” when it re-activated? I have had a foal and hope that it will grow into Wild Mustang for the neighbor that got him. If he grows into a black Horse like everything else, what a shame……



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