Farmville 2 Feed Link

With Facebook making it more and more difficult to see items in the feed, this Farmville 2 Feed Link really comes in handy. Simply click it and you will see all of the Farmville 2 items from your friends right in one spot! Be sure and click the LIKE button up above if you find this helpful!


Farmville 2 Has Arrived!!

There is a brand new game out from Zynga and it is Farmville 2, a second take on their popular Farmville game that we all loved so much. The graphics are amazing on this one and it looks really good. I am still getting into it so not sure what my final verdict will be, but so far it looks neat.

Also on that note, if anyone is interested in blogging about the new game (and the old one) here at, email me: and I am open to paying someone to do this! Email me some ideas and what kind of money you would like and lets make it work :)


Using Points and Miles to Buy Up Virtual Facebook Credits

No one can deny the relevance Facebook has in most people’s lives. Not only does it allow for social interaction among people, but is also a great place to find games that can be shared with friends. One of the features that is now available to enhance gameplay is the use of Facebook credits. This is a virtual currency that allows players to buy add-ons as well as virtual items for their games.

One of the best ways players can acquire these credits is by buying items they use every day. One app that allows players to do this is Ifeelgoods. This app connects customers with sellers who will often give discounts and also give customers a certain amount of points that can later be converted into Facebook credits. Not only does this save players money, but gives them the chance to enjoy their Facebook games to the fullest.

Another benefit to this system is the security that it provides. Rather than entering credit or debit card information for every app, the user simply uses the Facebook credits to make purchases. This prevents a person’s financial information from being scattered across multiple apps and publishers. This lowers the risk of fraud and ensures untrustworthy apps can’t gain access to users’ sensitive information.

The way in which a user converts points into credits is relatively simple. If a person has 1,500 points they simply allow the Ifeelgoods app access to their profile and the points are converted into 75 Facebook credits and transferred to their account. There are no long processes or forms that need to be completed before a person can start using their credits.

Not only can Facebook credits be used on a home computer, but on a mobile phone and tablet device as well. This means that a player does not have to restrict their use of these credits simply because they are away from home. This is convenient for those who travel frequently but still want to enjoy the benefits that these credits bring.

This is great for games like Farmville and Gardens of Time. Many times a person can speed up the process of building or gain items by using these credits. This is especially helpful for those users who either have limited friends or don’t have other people who are willing to play the game.

Facebook is committed to expanding the ways these Facebook credits can be used. Future services and products will be more attainable to users who have these credits readily available. Apps like Ifeelgoods simply makes the acquisition of these credits easier for users and gives them the option to buy the real products that they love. This means no longer having to simply buy the credits to use them on a game that may not be popular in 6 months.

By sharing an app like Ifeelgoods with friends, a user will give other people the chance to build up these credits and play the same games as the user. Apps like this help to create a more fun gaming environment and save everyone involved money on products.  If you wish for real life points that may transfer over to games you can use rewards cards programs such as or credit card introductory offers.

The power of Facebook is something that does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Users would benefit by not only gaining discounts on a plethora of products, but gaining Facebook credits at the same time. Systems like this help to connect the best online retailers with the customers that want their products.


Farmville Ornaments on Ebay

Farmville is coming out with Christmas Ornaments, and in the most ridiculous move ever (price wise) someone has already listed them up on ebay with a starting bid of $100 for just ONE! Crazy town. They retail for $12.95 and it looks like they will be available at Best Buy (based on comments from someone who found them). Perhaps they will expand to other stores as well, will be interesting to see. Hopefully no one buys them at this price, by the time the auction ends and the items get shipped, you could have picked it up at the store for considerably less $$.





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